Employment Law

We provide our clients with the expert advice to allow them to put in place the structures and policies to create a harmonised workplace for them as employers and their employees. We can provide advice in relation to Grievance and Disciplinary procedures as well as Notice Periods and we are experienced in drafting such policies as well as Contracts of Employment, Terms of Employment, Health and Safety Policies, and bespoke agreements in relation to Confidentiality, Third Party Agreements, etc. We can advise in relation to Redundancies, take overs and the Transfer of Undertakings (Protection of Employees) Regulations.

We also have experience in acting on behalf of both Employers and Employees in Unfair Dismissal, Equality, Bullying and Harassment claims and can provide advice in the different procedures used to initiate a claim, whether it be in front of a Rights Commissioner, the Employment Appeals Tribunal, the Labour Court, the Labour Relations Commission or the Equality Tribunal. We provide advice about Maternity benefits and rights, sick leave, force majeure leave, as well as different types of employment relationships be that of an Employer and Employee, an Agency Agreement, or an Independent Contractor.

If you are an Employer or an Employee with an Employment issue that you want to obtain advice on please email or phone us and we will do what we can to assist you.

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